The Bytyqi Brothers

Until Justice is Served


The Bytyqi Family

Bytyqi FamilyThe Bytyqi Brothers are survived by their parents, Ahmet and Bahrije; their brothers Ilir, Enver, and Fatose; and sister Bukurije.  Since Ylli, Agron, and Mehmet’s disappearances and deaths in 1999, the family has been relentless in their pursuit of accountability in the case.

Fatose Bytyqi, a manager of a 7-Eleven in Riverhead, New York; and his brother Ilir, an executive chef at a Long Island country club, have been especially persistent.  Repeatedly traveling back and forth to Washington DC and Belgrade, they have met face-to-face with high-ranking officials from the State Department, DOJ, FBI, and even Serbian and Kosovar Presidents and Prime Ministers.Ilir

Read the BBC’s profile on the family’s struggle for justice and watch & share:

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