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There are countless articles you may find while doing an ordinary internet search about the Bytyqi Brothers.  Below are some of the better resources.  Additionally, while doing searches, be aware that “Bytyqi” is sometimes spelled “Bitici” or “Bytyci” or “Bitiqi”.

General Resources

B92 Documentary “Crime and Secret”, 2006

B92, 2007 (in Serbian)

B92, May 2012

AlJazeera, December 2013 (in Serbian, but very comprehensive)

H. Con. Res. 61, the Bytyqi Brothers Resolution

Articles Focused on Personal Experiences of Bytyqi Family

New York Times, July 2001

Washington Post, July 2001

New York Times, March 2002

New York Magazine, 2002 

Court Documents in Popovic and Stojanovic Trials

2006 Indictment of Popovic and Stojanovic

Fatose Bytyqi’s Testimony, 2007 (in Serbian)

Transcripts of All Witnesses’ Testimony (in Serbian)

Goran “Guri” Radosavljevic’s testimony, 2008 (in Serbian)

September 2009 Trial Court Decision

January 2013 Appellate Court Decision

Case Updates from the Humanitarian Law Center

Report for 2011 (beginning pg 57)

Report for 2012 (beginning pg 50)

Selected U.S. Diplomatic Cables (from Wikileaks)

July 2006

August 2006

April 2008

August 2009

September 2009

January 2010

February 2010

Fatose Bytyqi Interviews

B92, 2004 (in Serbian)

Trial Testimony, 2007 (in Serbian)

Humanitarian Law Center, 2007, March 2013 (in Serbian)

Articles on the Atlantic Brigade and the Kosovo Liberation Army

CSMonitor, May 1999

The Sunday Times, March 2000

Ambassador William Walker in BalkanBlog, January 2010

Facts on the Kosovo War

PBS Frontline’s Kosovo Chronology

Transitional Justice in Serbia

Marija Ristic’s Timeline on Balkans Insight

Balkans Transitional Justice, Published by BIRN


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