Bytyqi Brothers in new Amnesty report on Serbia’s EU accession deficiencies

The Bytyqi Brothers case is cited as an example in a new Amnesty International report.  The report, Serbia, Ending Impunity for Crimes Under International Law, offers recommendations to the European Union to address the shortcomings within Serbian prosecutorial and judicial systems that have resulted in impunity for international crimes committed during the 1990’s.  The Bytyqi case is cited on pages 9, 12, and 25-26, although many of the issues raised throughout the report are applicable to the Bytyqi case.

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Interview with Fatose Bytyqi (2007)

In November 2007, Fatose Bytyqi, sat down with the Humanitarian Law Center to explain the failure of Serbian institutions to meaningfully investigate and prosecute his brothers’ murders.  In the interview, Fatose explains why Goran “Guri” Radosavljevic should be investigated for the murders and why Guri has thus far escaped accountability.

2007 Interview with Fatose Bytyqi (from HLC)


HLC’s Zone of (non)responsibility

Image The Humanitarian Law Center’s interactive presentation Zone of (non)responsibility reconstructs the army and police hierarchies at the time of a number of unresolved war crimes in Kosovo.

UN Special Rapporteur on Transitional Justice Invited to Serbia

On 12th March 2014, the Coalition for Access to Justice invited Pablo de Greiff, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the promotion of truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-recurrence, to visit Serbia, in order to make recommendations to the Government of Serbia regarding the measures which will help achieve justice for victims of crimes and other gross human rights violations committed during the 1990s in the former Yugoslavia.

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